Women’s Styling Lounge



Cut / Style  ———————————— 25/55

Relaxer retouch —————————— 70*

Relaxer / Cut ———————————130/160

Shampoo & style / Blow Dry —————-55

Natural straightening ———————–70/up

Demi-permanent color ———————-50

Single process color ————————-85*

Double process color ————————115/up

Partial / Full highlights ———————85/110

Conditioning treatments ——————–15/20

Extensions ———————————–175*

Additional services ————————–call salon

Bridal / Wedding services ——————consultation required


2 thoughts on “Women’s Styling Lounge

  • ummm. I wanted a ombre done for my hair like the brown ombre … my hair should be brown at the top of my head and the rest is like a umm blonde/brown at some of the middle and the end. I would like to know how much it costs.

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